Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Start Delaying Initial iPad Orders In UK, While Shipments Begin To US

It appears that people are gone crazy with the new iPad pre-orders, while most of the users claimed that the upcoming device is not worth update from iPad 2 to “the new iPad”. However, it appears that Apple is actually running out of from the pre-orders of the device, as the shipping dates of the device is slipping outs for many users, but some users are also lucky who have received that their device is already shipped from China, and is now up-to Apple and delivery service to ship the new iPad on your door.

Some users in the UK have recently shouted on several social network websites that Apple has delayed their device shipping date to some other, to compete with the great demand of the device all over the nation. Apple has only launched the device for the U.S, and scheduled the device to be launch on other countries by March 23, but it appears that currently Apple is trying its best to correctly seed the new upcoming device only to the U.S users. A user has reported that firstly, Apple told him that his device would reach its hand on the 16 March, and later he found out another letter from Apple with the claim of slightly delays in the shipment date of the device, as the device slips to 16-19 March.

  Despite our best efforts and those of our shipping partners to get your order to you on time, we want to inform you that it will not arrive on its originally scheduled delivery date. 
Your new delivery date is 20/03/2012. 

Once you receive your Shipment Notification email, you can check the delivery status of your order by clicking the Track Shipment button, or by visiting the Apple Store and clicking Account. 

We regret the delay and apologise for the inconvenience. 

Kind regards, 
Apple Online Store

However, now it is reported that all users over the U.K have just received letter from Apple that their device shipping is actually delayed to March 20 or 21. Meanwhile, on the same moment, some user in the U.S is now reporting that they are going to get their newly pre-order device in some days, actually before the real launch of the device scheduled by Apple. The users have reported that they just got notification from Apple that their device is shipped from the China, and now will soon be headed to their doors.