Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

New iPad Heats Up To 116 Degree & Can’t Charge Under Heavy Usage

Earlier this morning we reported you that some folks managed to run a GLBenchmark test for five minutes on their new iPad and the older iPad 2 to test the heat of the new iPad, and reports that their infrared camera lens produces 10 degree (F) heat difference between the iPad 2 and iPad 3. It is reported that the new iPad runs 10 degrees (F) hotter than iPad 2. However, but still remains in the Apple’s advised operational heat level. However, it is now reported by the Consumers Report on the new iPad heat issue that the new iPad actually heats more than advised operational heat level, and moreover, their new iPad heats up to a level that couldn’t  allow a user to touch its plate because of its heat.

It is now reported by Consumer Report today that the outer shell of the iPad 3 gets a lot warmer than iPad, and actually their new iPad reached temperatures up to 116 degrees after their heat up issue test on the new iPad. The folks over Consumer Report ran Infinity Blade II for 45 minutes on the new iPad, and then found out that their new iPad reached 116 temperatures, and becomes a lot more hotter than any other device, and reported that the device was not actually using the 4G LTE networking chip.

They reported that their device was working on Wi-Fi network, and they have only tested the Infinity Blade II on the tablet, as we all know the Infinity Blade II is one of the most graphics memory consuming game, and reportedly will heat up the device on random usage of GPU on the device. However, including the 116 degree heat up discovery, they also reported that the new iPad is not capable of charging the battery module while using the graphics and CPU at a peak level, likely running the game on the device. They have reported that the new iPad is failed to charge their tablet battery while playing the game.   In addition to it, they have tested the device temperature while putting it on charging, and then they played Infinity Blade II on the new iPad.

It’s seemed that under extremely heavy processor usage, the iPad is unable to draw sufficient power from its USB connection to both power the device and charge the battery simultaneously.