Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

New iPad (3rd-Gen) Cause Less Eye Strain Than Others

In the third-generation iPad, the Retina Display is no doubt the major change in the device, as well as it totally gives a new birth to the iPad series with its name and many major hardware changes like the addition of 4G LTE networking on the tablet with amazing fast network speed across the countries. However, but still the major change in third-gen iPad is its Retina Display, and Apple gives a lot of time to it for the production of such kind display panels with such compressed pixels into the same display panel without even changing the design look of the device.

The new Retina Display is one of the amazing engineering feats, on which engineers beautifully crams down the million pixels into the same-old design size for the iPad display, and Apple doesn’t introduce this technology in the market, because they can do it. Instead like always, they bring something different and new at the market to facilitate their users. It is reported that the new Retina Display with millions of pixels on the same size cause less eye strain than the older devices. As it produces the clear imaginary, and sharp images result on the tablet size, articles and different reading content on new iPad looks like a magazine. It seems with new Retina Display, Apple actually gives a new birth to the mobile devices display panels.

Apple has already pushed down the Retina Display for the iPhone 4/4S users back in 2010, but this year, they finally reached another milestone with an introduction of Retina Display into the third-generation iPad tablet.  According to one Optometrist, the extra pixels in the iPad display cause less eye strain while working or reading something on the new iPad:

“A key factor in something that’s called computer vision syndrome, or just eye strain from computer use, is screen resolution. The new iPad, with twice the resolution of the iPad 2, 264 ppi (pixels per inch) instead of 132, people are going to notice less pixelation, especially in a small typeface. It’s not just an enjoyment issue or an aesthetic issue, but it’s definitely a visual comfort isue, over time.”

Until now, the iPad is the only king of the tablet market, but later last year it reports that Amazon tries to come over it with its new Kindle series with an advanced display technology that doesn’t use backlit to display their panels and cause fewer eye strains to their e-reader users.