Sat. May 21st, 2022

New iPad 3 Uses Retina Images When iPhone App Running

Since the Apple has launched the Retina-enabled iPhone 4 device in the public, we have seen many discussions out between the developers about the suggested image level for the devices, and furthermore Apple delivered the first and second generation iPad without any Retina display image support from the iPhone apps to fill out the bigger screen, instead Apple forced to use the older generation iPhone 3GS pixilated images on the larger screens to produce 2x zoom on the application and game.

As we all know, Apple has launched the new iPad with Retina Display panel, and with complete support of playing retina display sized content on the device without any obstacle. Some users got an idea to test the old gen iPhone apps on the new retina display iPad, and found out that Apple finally changed its decision with the new generation iPad launch, and start utilizing the Retina-enabled images for the iPhone 4/4S in the iPad 3. While there was tweak launched in Cydia to enable this usage of 2x images on the iPad 2, called Retina iPad. But now as reported by MacRumors, there is no need to use any kind of tweak to bring iPhone Retina-enabled images on the new generation iPad.


The users over the forum tested the difference of Retina-enabled images usage on the new iPad with playing many different apps and games of the iPhone on the new iPad.  We have as well tested many applications on the new iPad that are not updated with new Retina-enabled images for the new iPad.

Well, there is still no solid proof present in the community that the new iPad utilizing the 2x retina display enabled images or just modifying them at best level with the power of quad-core GPU and Retina Display panel.