Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

New iPad 3 Part Leak Suggests Home Button Presence

Since the Apple has sent out the iPad 3 launch media event invitations in public to media journals, many things clear the sketchy rumors on the several blogs. However, the media event cards comes up with an interesting tidbit about the upcoming device, as it shows the upcoming iPad 3 device will come without a Home button, and will feature the Retina Display on it. iPad 3 launch event is scheduled to be launch in San Francisco on March 7th.



The iPad 3 launch media event shows such a shot of iPad that hints the removal of Home button on the upcoming device, and as well as hinted that the device will only come in single color at the launch moment, but later both colors will be available in the market. Well, the removal of home button from the upcoming device is bit weird to us, as the many developers and sources have not expected such move from the Apple. Early morning, we came across to new part leak of the iPad 3 that clears out the confusion of Home Button and as well as sort out the availability of the different iPad 3 sizes.

A new iPad 3 part leaks from the folks over that clears the confusion of the removal of home button in the iPad 3. The front panel of iPad 3 clearly shows the presences of home button in the iPad 3 and as well as the availability of both colors for the iPad 3 on the launch. However, we have to wait to see what actually going to be happen. iPad 3 is expected to launch along with newer Apple TV 3rd generation on the media event.