Sat. May 28th, 2022

New iPad 3 Gets An Untethered Jailbreak On iOS 5.1 (Video)

It appears that iOS hackers in the jailbreaking community are also excited to try their new tricks on the Apple’s Retina Display carrying third-generation iPad. As we have recently reported you that iPhone DevTeam actually has been successfully able to jailbreak the new iPad (3rd-Generation) on the newer iOS 5.1 right after the launch of the device. Before going with the iPhone Dev Team report, few days back we have reported you about the upcoming exploit from the prominent iOS Hacker i0n1c who publishes a number of images on his twitter account showing of an iPad 2 running on the iOS 5.1 along with new Cydia 1.1.5.

Now after the iPhone Dev Team iPad 3 jailbreak report, the i0n1c once again comes back to the Twitter nation and tweeted that he has been successfully able to bring the untethered jailbreak for the new iPad on iOS 5.1. It appears to be really big news for the jailbreaking community, as the hacker in the past donated his jailbreak exploit to the iPhone DevTeam in the era of iOS 4.x when everyone failed to find out exploit to jailbreak the iOS 4.x.x untethered.

However, it totally doesn’t mean that he is really going to launch the exploit to jailbreak the newer device right after the launch day of the device, and as well as the Apple is also quite active these days in fixing the security bugs in the iOS that allow hackers to jailbreak their devices on the new iOS firmware version. I0n1c is away from the jailbreaking community from a long time, and actually, no one knows at the moment that he would really be going to contribute his exploit or just use it privately or shares it with Apple to make its iOS more secure for the users with a lot of limitations and fewer resources on the devices.