Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

New iMacs Will Be Slimmer, and Utilizes Anti-Reflective Glass

The next-generation Mac devices are scheduled to be entering in the market anytime soon in the next two months, as Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors lands in the market. We have reported thousands of time in the past that Apple is preparing to launch its new Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac series in the public, and now just waiting for the Intel to deliver its next-generation Ivy Bridge processors in the market, so Apple can easily ship its flagship devices in the market.

Along with the Macbook series, the iMac series is also going to get a refresh by Apple this year soon in the upcoming two months, and it is reported now that the new iMac devices will be slimmer than the previous devices, and will showcase a new kind of anti-reflective glass that improves their performance in the real time usage of iMacs. The new iMacs are also delayed couple of times due to the launch of Ivy Bridge processors, but now earlier this year, we have learned that the new processors are finally making their ways to the market, so we can expect the launch of these delayed devices right after the launch of new processors.

According to a report from touch panel supplier, Digitimes claims that G-Tech optoelectronics is not only working with Apple to provide a new  kind of anti-reflective glass, instead they are working with Apple to produce larger Cinema size iMac display glasses similar to the iOS devices that may not reflect the shadows. Apple’s iMac is utilizing the glass as a front for a number of years, but it was reported that many users didn’t like the reflection on their screen while working in brighter areas, and therefore, Apple is working on a new technology that decreases the reflection of iMac mirror. The new G-Tech Optoelectronics anti-reflecting mirror will also help in sorting out some of the iMac problems faced by users.