Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

New Gestures Released For iBooks From Apple

Apple has modified iBooks in a way to include use of new gestures resulting in improvements for children’s books.

One such gesture will allow a child to tap on a word and have an associated picture, animation or video pop-up to make that word come to life. For those learning a foreign language, Apple has devised a gesture to have a word present itself in the student’s native language so as to quicken the learning process. Apple’s ideas also seem to cross over to electronic magazines where tapping on certain words could pop up a related widget.

Press up and hold the beginning and last word of a phrase to bring up media content related to the phrase.Still images for nouns and short clips for verbs are a new addition that could result in great learning technique for children’s books.Slowly drag your finger over a word to hear it being pronounced slowly…..

Haahaha…don’t worry, these gestures are also available for adult books.