Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

New Gen-iPad With 4G For Sprint Appears In Internal Inventory

On the launch of next-generation iPad, Apple only mentioned two popular carriers of the U.S as getting their hands on the latest device from beginning, and doesn’t include any other carrier of the town. While in U.K, they named three carriers as an official provider of the Apple’s next-generation iPad. However, the leak from the internal inventory of the biggest retailer suggests that Apple is thinking to expand its device also to the Sprint – the carrier Apple recently contracted with exclusive partnership for the iPhone 4S. The internal inventory system of the Best Buy list’s couple of “SPRINT iPad” devices in their system, and representing the device with the network model of “4G” LTE.

Well, in the past we have seen many leaks from the biggest stores internal inventories, which suggest the massive information about the upcoming device, but this time, we are empty with this clue from the folks over Best Buy internal inventory. Sometimes employees in internal inventory do prank with other users by listing or providing fake information in their data system, but this time it looks that something is really exciting thing is goings on. However, we have coupled of points to highlight at the moment to complete our investigation over the not-announced partnership of Apple with Sprint.

Sprint and Apple are already partners with the initial launch of the iPhone 4S on the carrier, and massive orders from the carrier to Apple. However, in the past we have heard from the rumor mill that Sprint is testing some kind of iPads with its network for the next-generation iPad launch, but in this year, we haven’t seen any kind of Sprint mention on the keynote, as well as Apple has not mentioned anything about the Sprint on their iPad official page. At the moment, we can only wait to see what happen or at least wait for the rumor mill to produce another rumor regarding the upcoming device from Sprint.