Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

New Designs OF iPhone, iMac and MacBook Air Coming In 2012

Alongside the claim of iPad 2 upgraded model launch in March 2012, Digitimes also noted in another report from their sources that Apple has planned to completely overhaul its product lineup with new designs in 2012 launches. It appears this year that Apple has not updated any of its device with new design instead they just gave a speed bump to every device, but now according to the publication sources’ Apple to give design updates to all of its device in 2012.

The publication mentions that these devices will get design overhaul in 2012 from Apple: iPhone, iMac, iPad and MacBook Air. While the Digitimes reported that Apple will release two models of iPad in 2012, the first they will release as a minor update to iPad 2 models in March 2012, and the second device the real iPad 3 to follow the launch after Q3 of 2012, seems to come with the next iPhone 5 with A6 Processor chip and new hardware updates.

We have learned from past that Apple is actively working on designs for their products, earlier this month we have also heard that Apple has finished up the testing of 15-inch MacBook Air LCD, which suggests that Apple soon to introduce a new-product range of its ultra-thin MacBook Air. We are not sure about the report of Digitimes, because it seems that they are only hyping all the products without having any track back about their closed sources.