Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

New Bill Passed Which Forces Carriers To Detail Their 4G Network Speed

LTE 4G is a new generation technology which provide more speed of surfing internet than 3G network, as the technology is new and every second geeky person who holds a smartphone which can support LTE network want to get its hand on the service, but as we have seen in the market mobile communications start lying about their service, the mobile communication companies start giving the name of 4G to the updated version of 3G network. Well today US House of Representative takes a notice on this, and a new legislation proposed named “Next Generation Wireless Disclosure Act”.

The new bill will force carriers to publish the details of their 4G network and must give the guaranteed minimum data speed to user upon its sign up for the 4G device or service. In addition to it, FCC also reported to provide a side-by-side chart, which contains the data speed and price of different companies and will mention nation’s ten largest wireless operators.


reports MacWorld