Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

NDP: iPhone 4 and 3GS Rank As Best Selling U.S Smartphones

Well we are now pretty familiar with Apple’s new achievements with their smartphone series, especially the fourth generation iPhone, which they have launched 14 months back and still leading the all over market with sales. Today NPD the research firm has just announced its new Mobile Phone track report for Q2 of this year, which shows that Google’s Android is still on top and continuing leading the U.S smartphone market with at least 52% of new sales during the reported quarter, where as Apple’s iPhone is ranked its self in smartphone market with 29% new sales, while RIM is still free falling with their smartphone sales, reportedly they only have 11% of market sales during the second quarter of 2011.

In addition to this report, analyst has also noted that Apple’s 14 month older iPhone 4 model is still leading the market in sales, but they have also found that not only iPhone 4 is on the list but also the Apple’s iPhone 3GS able to rank on the second spot. iPhone 3GS was launched by the Apple 26 months ago, but Apple didn’t stop its production, also they kept selling it and introduced a new model of iPhone 3GS with 8GB memory capacity and send it to market for the maximum cheap price, as low as free!