Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

National TV Shows Of Canada & Australia Available To Download On Apple TV, More Coming Soon

As of the first release of Apple TV that was iTV that time revealed on a Special event by Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007 was an epic release. You could download TV Shows, Movies and stuff right on your Apple TV and watch on your television or you could streram your stuff right from iTunes in your MAC/PC.

The downloading of TV Shows were not available in some countries the Shows of their own country, as reported by 9to5Mac that the Canadian national television shows are now available on Apple TV to download.

Complete TV shows are available starting from no cost to Canadian $2.49. These updates are very late as you just had American TV shows on Apple TV but really after 3 years you will be able to see local television shows. They also are getting some stuff up from sources that Australian store for TV shows gets up with the national TV Shows and more are coming soon.

 Although it’s unconfirmed, we’re also starting to receive multiple tips from Australia as well.

It should be a fast roll out because the next year is a big boom according to sources, so the folks who haven’t bought the Apple TV due to non national shows can grab it now as they will get it soon.