Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

NASA Released “Sector 33” Air Traffic Control Game For iPhone / iPad

We are much familiar with the reviews of big market giants from all over the world regarding the Apple’s iOS devices uses and their impressions on the general public, as the devices are already making a lot of booms in the market. Many big giants of the market have chosen the iOS devices over other available devices in the market to use them to share their education views with students and children’s We have already heard many cases that suggest Apple’s iPads are the best invention of the era, and helped many students at different level, even Apple had also supported their move and launched many different features.

Most recently, we come across to know that NASA; the U.S. space agency has just released a new application for the iPhone and iPad users called Sector 33 [Direct Link] . The game is aims to provide education related to mathematics, and shares the secrets of mathematics that have been using for years to control the air traffic. The new application is aimed to provide an environment to users / students where they have to control the flights from specific regions to some other regions using the basic mathematics calculations.

“Our hope is that Sector 33 will give students a sense of the importance of math in managing our nation’s air traffic and, at the same time, interest them in pursuing a career in aeronautics,” said Jaiwon Shin, NASA’s associate administrator for aeronautics research in Washington.

The math-focused game also aligns with the NASA Office of Education’s mission to engage students in activities related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“Today’s students respond positively to experiential learning,” said Leland Melvin, NASA’s associate administrator for education. “Using an interactive game to spark their interest, while at the same time teaching them fundamental math concepts, is a win-win scenario. It is a perfect way to help cultivate the next generation of engineers and technologists.”

NASA is not unknown to the iOS fame, and the App Store users, as they have launched an application back in 2009 that let users to be updated with their latest news on the iPhone. NASA has just made the new application available in the App Store for free of cost, and the application comes in the universal taste, means it will work on both iPhone and iPad.