Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Working On Mysterious 5-Inch Retina Display Device For 2013

While the iPad Mini rumors is making their ways to the big publishers, it is reported that another rumor report just landed in the market claiming that Apple is working on a totally new device with 5-inch Retina display screen, and planned to debut the new device somewhere in 2013, at least not in this year. It is reported that Apple is working on something like Samsung Galaxy Note mobile device, as the new device is reported to be a 5-inch in size, so we think it might be a refresh model of Samsung Galaxy Note by Apple to tell the Korean Mobile manufactures how to deal with failed products. Moreover, the new rumored device would feature a 5-inch Retina display.

The report comes from Japanese site Macotakara, which has a pretty shaggy record in the past over the rumors regarding the upcoming iOS devices, and this time they have mentioned a Chinese source to add additional weight into their rumor report. It is reported that a reliable Chinese source of Macotakara has updated the site with information that Apple is planning to introduce an entire new mobile device with 5-inch retina display in 2013, and according to us the source wants to tell the site that Apple is planning to debunk Samsung’s Galaxy Note mobile device in 2013 with a bigger screen. However, the Japanese blog has a really sketchy track record in the past, so don’t take the rumor seriously, because there are coupled of things that prevents us to believe in this report.

We all know that Apple is already rumored heavily to be involved in the production and testing of the 7.85-inch iPad Mini, which is reportedly going to feature a 1024×768 resolution, as Apple does not want to explode its App Store community, and don’t want developers to rewrite their applications from the scrap for a new size device. However, the same fact applies on this mysterious 5-inch retina display device, which is rumored to be debut in 2013, and moreover the folks are also not confirmed whether the new 5-inch device will be a phone or tablet.

The rumor seems to be featuring an un-mature source, as we all know that Apple always develops a number of prototypes of a single product to test different number of variations and specifications, so we think that their most reliable source just got hands on any prototype of the device with featuring 5-inch retina display nothing else.