Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

MyGreatFest Live Coverage

Today I will be doing MyGreatFest Live coverage a part form the video. So stay tuned:

9:54 AM

Seats are empty and waiting for people to fill them up

9:55 AM: Venue is filling up with people

10:06 AM: Saurik Arrives at the venue and is seating..

10:13AM: Great crowd starts to fill up. Saurik is spotted with his GF and his Dad. WOW.

10:16 AM: The event starts

10:17 The Introduction starts

10:20 AM: Aarosh goes on Stage to introduce his self

10:23 AM he is telling about how he entered in Jailbreaking scene and what tweaks he have made.

10:26 AM: Aaron Ash: “The first thing I do is look to what can I improve on the iPhone/iPad”, “One of my favorite tweaks ever; SBSettings”

10:34: Aaron Ash is telling about his Tweak Multifl0w

10:25 AM: @Saurik DM’s me about the sound after My Tweet to Pump Up the Volume

10:39: Aaron Ash: “great way to learn about programming – Jailbreaking”

10:43: Aaron Ash: “Make it the best you possibly can (application) – the same way Apple does”

10:46: Aaron Ash is telling about, how his time is spent for Jailbreaking Tweaks

10:47AM: Aaron Ash Introduces Barrel.

Aaron Ash: “Barrel – I wanted to make the Springboard more fun”

10:50AM: Icon Stack, possibly a new function added to Barrel?

10:54AM: Icon Stack is the process involved in Barrel. Ahan.

10:58AM: Question Answer session started by Aaron Ash

10:59AM: First Question Asked:

Q: If you originally thought of the idea but later Apple wanted it, how would it work legally?

A: If you don’t patent it, you don’t really own it.

11:00AM: P0sixninja is next to do Key Note.

11:04AM: Aaron Ash : “3.5 million using Barrel but only 1 in 70 have paid for it” That’s bad.

11:06AM: Aaron Ash: “I have not been approached by Apple in the past”

11:08AM: Aaron Ash: “At WWDC, many Apple devs didn’t know about a lot that happens within the jailbreak community”

11:13 AM: Stage is setting for P0sixninja and iOPK. Are they going to Demonstrate the iPad 2 Jailbreak?

11: 18 AM: Still preparations are being made.

11:22AM: The voice is back.

11:24AM: The Give Away Starts of the T-Shirts to the winners

11:26 AM: P0sixninja shows up on Stage

11:30 AM: iPad 2 spotted in the hands of P0sixninja while his Key Note

11:34AM: P0sixninja is givng the KeyNote.

11:42AM: Josh Hill still presenting on: “Cat and Mouse chase between jailbreakers and Apple”

11:50AM: iOPK shows up on stage

iOPK: “For the iPhone 5, we need the actual device for jail breaking”

11:55AM: P0sixninja announced their upcoming Jailbreak Tool. They say that it will be Userland based with 5 different Exploits and will be for iOS 5 and iPhone 5. iPad 2 support is also included.

12:00 PM: Looks like the event has ended.

12:12PM: The event has not yet ended. they are chilling out and will be back soon.

12:25PM: Saurik spotted with some folks. Looks like he is telling something regarding Jailbreak thing.

12:42AM: They are on a break for now. Till then you can share your thought about the event, people and did you enjoyed it or not.

12:51PM: Stream will continue from 1:20PM

12:56PM: iDroid Project s Next for the KeyNote.

1:28PM: Live Stream is back and iDroid Project is on the stage

1:35PM: iDroid Team is telling about their Open iBoot project

1:42PM: Android is the right thing to port to iPhone. Hmm. So we getting Android on iPhone soon?

1:45PM: Demo shown off of their project. iPhone 3G running Android. Nice

1:56PM: OPen iBoot fitire is being discussed.

1:59PM The Key Note is ended and the session for Question & Answer has Started.

2:07 PM: Still the session of Q&A going on.

2:09PM; Finally they have gone and now iFile has come think so.

2:10PM: Yes. It is iFile

2:12PM: Lol. Kid Posing.

1:14PM; iFile got some shirts to give away

sorry for the delay. Will update it when i get the rest event details.