Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Must Know This Before Buying Verizon’s iPhone 4

We told you before about the Verizon CDMA iPhone4 which is going to be launching on 10th of Feb 2011. You can preorder them on the Apple website. The price of the Verizon iPhones are less than the orignal Apple’s iPhone4. Verizon’s iPhone4 16GB costs about $650 without contract where as Apple iPhone4 cost about $700+ without the contract.

Only the design and some issues are fixed in the upcoming Verizon iPhone4 and nothing much more is changed. If you don’t know so Verizon is a CDMA provider. Now what is CDMA?

CDMA and GSM are the names of competing cellular phone standards. They’re about equal in the U.S. in terms of users, but overseas there’s only GSM other than a few places like Japan, India, and Korea. Out of the four national carriers in the U.S., two — Sprint and Verizon — use CDMA, the other two–AT&T and T-Mobile — use GSM.

The two biggest differences between these standards are international compatibility, and how the networks handle activating phones. Outside the U.S. and Canada, most GSM phones will still work, while almost all CDMA phones simply can’t be used overseas.

The difference between the orignal iPhone4 by Apple and the upcoming iPhone4 by Verizon is only of the CDMA and GSM and the difference between them are mentioned above.

The best thing about CDMA phones is that

CDMA phones are activated remotely, by the carrier, using the phone’s serial number, known as the ESN. Since each carrier has a database of all the ESNs that are approved for its network, this lets most CDMA carriers refuse to activate phones not originally intended for their network.

After reading all this do give it a thought do you really want to buy the Verizon iPhone4? and if you depend on the unlock so forget about it. If you want to know why to forget about the unlock so read here.

So think many times before ditching your GSM iPhone4 and going to CDMA one. CDMA iPhone4 will give a benefit to users of VerizonĀ  in America and Canada. And if you rely on an Unlock and think to use it out side USA or Canada so totally forget about it. If you got any good information and do give us your comments about this.