Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

MusicCenter To Show Current Playing Song In iOS 5 Notification Center

Music Center widget for iOS 5 notification center has just reached the final version after the release of iOS 5 to the public, iOS 5 notification center is becoming the most trendy and targeted place for the developers to show their skills and thoughts. Music Center is another handy widget for iOS 5 notification, which providing you the options to control the current playing song on your device and also allows you to check out the current playing track on your device.


Music Center has been available in the Cydia from a long time period of beta updates and today the developer has released the final version of the tweak in Cydia App Store, the current widget allows you to quickly swap between the next and previous played song and currently shows the current playing information right in the notification bar.

According to the developer of the Music Center, he will release an major update to his tweak soon in near future which also allow users to share the current playing song title on the twitter, just like we have Now Playing tweaks and applications which shares current playing song titles on the Facebook and Twitter. Just like all other tweaks, Music Center also does not comes up with the icon for your home screen but adds the new section in the Notifications which allows you to select the position of the widget in iOS 5 notification center.


Music Center is available in Cydia for download, the package does not come for free that means you have to purchase it and pay for the tweak in Cydia to developer. The package comes from BigBoss Repository for $1.49.