Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

MusicBanners Bring Music Notifications To iPhone & iPad

If you are one of those users who uses their iPhone especially as the perfect replacement of old-age iPod device, and all the time uses it to listen to music, then you will surely be going to love the new tweak come from the popular jailbreak tweak developer Ryan Petrich. The new jailbreak tweak just landed in Cydia with the name of MusicBanners, and aims to bring your music into the iOS 5’s newly introduced the banner notification system. MusicBanners is a cool tweak for the iPhone and iPad users, and simply impresses me, as I use my iOS devices to listen to music every time.

MusicBanners simply sends you a cool notification to your device every time a new track comes up on your device from the iPod / Music app.  It serves the notification with the track’s name, album and the cool tiny cover art of the every song album. MusicBanners doesn’t only serve the notification into banners of iOS 5 notification, as well as provides all the information in the normal notification looks which appears to be like native iOS package and feature. MusicBanners is a simple tool that aims to enrich your experience, and it doesn’t add any new icon on your dashboard.

MusicBanners is available in the Cydia market for free of cost, and appears to be one of the cool tweak of the week. Ryan Petrich’s most of the tweaks make their self in the top of lists always, and this tweak is appeared to be same. I can confirm that it works cool on iPad as well, so you can easily kick it out on your tablet too.