Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

MuscleNerd To Work On Jailbreak Me 4.0 ?

Apple has been taking many hig qualified decision in this week and one of them was interning @comex, the developer of Jailbreak Me and may be developing Jailbreak Me 4.0. Of course after his arrival to Apple no one can think of Jailbreak Me 4.0 but today some tweets were shown around which quietly rises a hope of the next Jailbreak Me to jailbreak iOS 5.

Jailbreak Me 4.0Jailbreak Me 4.0

After looking up to this tweet one question should irritate us and that is

Will MuscleNerd make Jailbreak Me 4.0 or his own redsn0w ??

And for sure one more thing, that the hackers community has already made a powerful exploit and is waiting for Apple to release iOS 5 publicly.

Jailbreak Me has been the easiest jailbreaking method ever and the 19 year @comex have been working hard on this and as for the Jailbreak Me 3.0, everyone remembers the leak of it but still everyone likes the Jailbreak Me effort by @comex.

Apple has hired @comex as an intern but why ? Of course for the security holes to find up in their software, but we guess Apple should hire the whole dev team so that they get a lot of power and they will.

Last but not the least, is Apple going to intern him forever ?

Does anyone hopes to see Jailbreak Me 4.0 ?