Tue. May 18th, 2021

Multi-Gestures Hands On Video For iPad iOS4.3b2

I did this video to show you how the Multi Gestures work on iOS4.3b2 on iPad. I only had iPad so i did it on it. You can also do on iPhone4 and iPod4 but i would recommend that stay away from the Beta Firmwares and don’t update until the Final firmware is Public and it is said to be safe.

In  my view if Apple removes the Home button for iPad so it will be quite complicated for the users who are new to iPad and the existing won’t have any problems, but they may find it difficult to use it. It is kind of fun to play with this. If Apple implements this in their final iOS4.3 so it will be quite good but according to a source Apple won’t allow these gestures in iOS4.3.

These Gestures are fully tested by people at Apple and it is only enabled by Xcode and if you got a developers account.

So enjoy the video and do tell us what are reviews about it.