Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Mozilla All Set for Multi Engine Search Results

Mozilla now wants to be the disruptor in browser realm and has thus begun the work on a number of projects in order to regain the biggest share in the market. The plans of the company recently came out in a video where Mozilla says that it has made a team for Product Design and Strategy and that this team will identify the spots where they can be the best in the field.

The special team working hard

Alex Limi is the leader of this team and believes that the team has been made as they need to look ahead and so, if anyone can disrupt Mozilla, it needs to be Mozilla itself and not any other product. The leader also claimed that they got disrupted by Google Chrome.

This disruption then urged Limi to question the reason behind picking up Mozilla Firefix over Google Chrome. He added that he cannot answer this right now and the main reason behind this is that the browser experiences have indeed become homogenous in nature.

Presence- the new product available

Another product that is planned and that aggregates the communication facilities such as social networks and email is that of “Presence”. Thus, Mozilla can easily do this better than the multi network message clients such as Trillian. Also, a demo highlights the company has made chat window which floats at the bottom of the screen. The Firefox actually logs into communication services that the users require and so allows the messages from everyone to be then sent to and from the latest chat window.

Search Tabs

Mozilla now has some great tricks in its kitty, like the latest Search Tabs which reflect the leader’s belief that the search boxes will soon be disappeared from the browsers. The company wishes to place vertical row of the social network and search engine icons at left side of the screen after the users carry out a search. These tabs can thus be removed however the users will have to rummage around in order to do this.

The mind behind the Search Tabs option is in fact that the users very rarely change the search engine that is default in Firefox. The single click and easy access to the other search engines will thus improve the overall experience of the user through making it simpler to find or search for a variety of results.

The Product Design and Strategy team leader points that it is tough to think of either Microsoft or Google doing such a thing, provided their own interest in Internet Explorer and Chrome. He further feels that Apple will surely not select anything identical in Safari.

Look forward to what Mozilla may offer to you

Mozilla offers the complete screen browser and the latest navigation tool provides the bookmarks as the buttons as well as snapshots of the recently viewed pages along with integrated search. This navigation tool is easily accessible with the replace and gesture tabs. In fact, the browser actually eschews the top of screen navigation and has also declines the fallback tabbed option.

So, with the multi engine search results option, Mozilla plans to enter and grab the market again.