Sat. May 28th, 2022

Motorola Makes Apple to Seize iCloud Push Services in Germany

The cat and mouse game still continues. This time the game is between two well-known companies and not between any hackers. The two well-known companies are Motorola and Apple. After hearing these two names, you might be wondering that where Apple stands and where Motorola. Both the companies are way far from each other in reputation. Apple is one of the most advanced and top sellers of iPhones in the world where as Motorola is not seen any closer to Apple or any other companies in the world. This sounds strange that small company is making a well-known company to get in Lawsuit.

This is not the first time when we will be seeing Apple going to court fighting over the patents and preventing their Devices to get banned from specific places. In past Samsung was after Apple to ban iPhone 4S in specific areas and these days, it is Motorola. Few days back, in the first week of February we told you that Apple removed their 3G Devices from the German Apple Store because Motorola won the 3G GPRS patent against Apple in Germany. So Apple had to remove their 3G devices from the German Apple Store.

After the 3G devices were removed from the German Apple Store, now Motorola won another court injunction against Apple over Push services in Germany. Apple has been forced to halt its iCloud and Mobile Me push Services in Germany. The Cupertino based company has posted all the details on their Support page telling the reason why the Push Services are halted in the premises of Germany.

Due to recent patent litigation by Motorola Mobility, iCloud and MobileMe users are currently unable to have iCloud and MobileMe email pushed to their iOS devices while located within the borders of Germany.

Affected customers will still receive iCloud and MobileMe email, but new messages will be downloaded to their devices when the Mail app is opened, or when their device periodically fetches new messages as configured in iOS Settings. Push email service on desktop computers, laptop computers, and the web is unaffected, as is service from other providers such as Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Apple also believes that the Motorola’s Patent is invalid and they have asked fro another decision, which is pending.

This means that the services are temporarily down and will be backed up in few days or months. Push services allowed a user to get emails directly on their iDevice as planned by the user. The disabling of the push services of Mobile Me and iCloud doesn’t seems to be affecting the users much because Apple has also posted a new method by which you can avoid Push Notifications and get the Mails Directly.

For iCloud Mail:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Tap Fetch New Data
  3. Select a time interval for Fetch
  4. Push can remain turned on to continue push service for Contacts and Calendars.

With these settings, your iCloud Mail account will fetch new messages at your set interval while you are inside Germany. Push email service will continue to be available outside of Germany.

For MobileMe Mail:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Tap Fetch New Data
  3. Select a time interval for Fetch
  4. Tap Advanced
  5. Tap a MobileMe account in your account list
  6. Change Select Schedule to Fetch
  7. Tap Advanced to return to the prior screen
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for each MobileMe account on your device.
Till the services are not backed up, you can follow the above steps to make your iCloud and Mobile Me to work on your iDevice.