Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

Most Outstanding Specifications Of iPhone 5 Leaks

iPhone 5 Specifications:

As Apple is on the corner with the next generation iPhone and iOS announcement event in the start of next month on October 4th, while following the launch of the device somewhere in the mid-October, may be on October 14th.  It’s time to wrap out the gift box, and share the some of the most outstanding specifications of the Apple’s iPhone 5, which will surely make it one of the most amazing smartphone.

Apple iPhone 5 is rumored to carry the 8-MegaPixel camera, and A5 dual core processor that we have seen in the iPad 2, along with couple of hardware design improvements. According to the rumor mill, iPhone 5 to carry the major internal hardware upgrades like to support the dual basebands both GSM and CDMA.

 iPhone 5 Specifications

Apple iPhone 5 is also rumored to carry the next generation payment feature NFC, which allows user to ditch their cards and valets anywhere at the time of shopping. We have also heard couple of times in the past that iPhone 5 may also carry the 4G LTE network to compete with the market full time, such as the most biggest competitor of iOS devices Samsung and Google. With all of the specification leaks, people was still confused due to design rumors because in one story we read that there will be a new design and in the next story we are reading that there will be an iPhone 4S with similar design, so we have done a little work and collect all of the rumored designs and concepts that we have seen since the start of the year, lets take a look:

  iPhone 5 Specs