Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

More Report Suggests Microsoft Is Bring Xbox Live Games To iOS

A day ago, we have reported you about the arrival of Valve Steam’s iOS app in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app was just only to allow users to remain in touch with their Steam social friends, and allows them to send and check messages from the iPhone and iPod Touch, exactly similar to the Microsoft’s Xbox Live companion application for the iOS devices that company has launched in the end of last year. Now today we are hearing that Microsoft again in fire with its developers to bring the Xbox Live gaming experience on the iOS devices.

xbox live games on iphone

The latest tidbit regarding the Microsoft Xbox Live gaming port to iOS devices, comes from the job listing of Microsoft which suggests that Redmond team is looking for developers to port its games on the iOS devices, and help them in making their way on the Apple’s royal devices. However, the job listing was not the solid evidence for such big game porting on iOS devices. This week again we come across to another report by Frobes that suggests that Microsoft is now seriously thinking to port its Xbox Live gaming experience on the iOS devices to double the Apple’s share in the market with the superior level of its devices.

Forbes report suggest that Microsoft is looking for a wide range of big project regarding the Xbox Live gaming experience on other devices, and at the moment there are only two big platforms, Android and iOS, are present in the market which may help Microsoft in building up its Xbox Live experience on the other devices. So we’re thinking that Microsoft is on the way to bring its Xbox Live titles on the iOS and Android.