Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

More iPhone 5 Parts Leaks, Ahead Of Launch

As we have reported several times that iPhone 5 is reach its final stage, and therefore we are seeing many small leaks of the upcoming device parts from the sources within China. Apple’s iPhone 5 design is finalized and the production of the unit is begun, and it’s not a big bang to have a look into the parts early, even before from the launch of device, all of the leaks are coming from the supply chain sources. This morning folks over MacRumors got tipped by their sources that TVC Mall has just posted some pictures of the few parts of Apple’s iPhone 5 and obviously the part seems to be different from the parts of the current generation iPhone 4.

They have already checked all of the parts by their self with help of the well known tearing company iFixit, they believed that these parts seems to be legitimate, they have compared those leak parts with the current iPhone 4 model. We also have no words on these parts, because the reseller website doesn’t comes up with any kind of brief instruction about the product, they guys have asked iFixit guys to review the purported images,  according to them these parts are pretty different from the existing GSM and CDMA parts.