Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

More iPhone 5 Parts Leaked, Proximity Light Sensor Leaked

As iPhone 5 launch days coming, we are seeing high number of part leaks and images of iPhone 5, but most of them were fake and photoshoped. Today a well known personality of jailbreaking community , Chronic tweeted that a some reseller has got their hands on the internal parts of iPhone 5, This time we have found a proximity light sensor of iPhone 5. According to the folks of iFixit, these leak parts seems to be legitimate and comes with some differences from the iPhone 4 parts.


Kyle Wiens of iFixit told that current iPhone 4 part contains the power button, noise canceling mic and proximity/ambient light sensors. The new iPhone 5 part doesn’t contain the mic, so it must be placed elsewhere on the iPhone 5. Well, in recent few days, we have also spotted the dock connector of iPhone 5 from folks over china.


via MacRumors