Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

More iPhone 5 Parts Leak, Suggests White and Black iPhone 5

As we have reported several times that we are really close to the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, and have seen many evidences of the launch and rumor reports, in addition to the recent evidences some more parts of iPhone 5 starts appearing on the web at large amount. Today folks over MacPost have discovered some more parts of iPhone 5, including headphone jacks, camera lens and proximity sensor flex cable.  According to the report, these are not the actual parts of iPhone 5 which uses in the manufacturing of the device; these are actually replacement parts of the iPhone 5.

As noted by the MacPost, these parts are come from some Chinese resellers, where Apple has its big manufacturing partner, Foxconn. These parts may or may not indicate the actual internal design and features of the device. In the above leaked parts we have noted that Apple has already ordered headphone jack replacements in both white and black color, which suggests that Apple will kick both flavor iPhone 5 at the same time. In other report, we have seen that Apple has already settled the contract with manufacturers and scheduled to begin manufacturing of iPhone 5 units to follow the launch of device in September/October timeframe.