Sat. May 21st, 2022

Mophie and Rocketfish Battery Cases For iOS Devices Recalled

The two famous external battery cases by Morphie and Rocketfish are being called back by the company in partnership with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. One case by Morphie the case maker and the other one is from  Best Buy’s house brand Rocketfish.

Morphie is calling back the external battery cases for iPod Fourth Gen which costs $50. The cases for iPod Fourth Gen can cite a burn hazard. The case’s integrated circuit switch can overheat, which risks exposing the user to potential burns. According to macworld, Morphie has claimed to get 110 reports of the case becoming warm to the iPod Touch Fourth Gen.  44 reports of the case becoming deformed due to heat, and nine reports of minor burns.  Only cases with serial numbers beginning “TR113” through “TR120” are subject to the recall. If your case is affected by the recall, stop using it immediately, and contact Mophie at   (877) 308-4581 or its recall website for instructions on receiving a replacement product.

Best Buy’s house brand, Rocketfish, is recalling 32,000 Model RF-KL12 Mobile Battery Case for the iPhones 3G and 3GS. There were 14 incidents with the case, including minor burns to 3 consumers and 4 reports of minor property damage. Owners of the case should stop using it immediately, and contact Best Buy at 800-917-5737 or via its recall website to exchange the case for a $70 Best Buy gift card.

If you are one of the victim or own any of these cases with the above stated models, kindly return the cases back for your own safety. If you know some one owning a Morphie Juice Pack or Rocketfish external battery case with the same Modeil Number, Help them with this precious information and let them return the cases back.