Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

MobileMe Service Soon To Be Free; User Didn’t Charge For Renewal Of Service

Yes, you hear that right! MobileMe Service may possibly become free in a few days from now!
Those who didn’t know, Apple provides a service called “MobileMe” which automatically syncs your email, contacts, and calendars over the air across all your devices. It helps you find your lost iPhone or iPad.

According to a claim by a user, she had paid € 79 for the service renewal for her MobileMe Account.
A few days later, when her bill came from Apple (such as those that arrive via email when purchasing anything from Apple) and to her surprise there was no amount charged for the MobileMe service.This had never happened before and maybe it was just a billing mistake. But it can also be possible that in a few days (June 6 WWDC) Apple will introduce the new MobileMe service for free and do not want to charge users a few days before the launch.