Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Mobile Developers Prefer iOS over Android : Report

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After lots of surveys and researches of mobile developers a conclusion comes out that iOS mobile operating system is smarter than Android. Although hundreds of Android mobiles are available in the market but now most of the mobile developer prefer iOS in place of Android. According to the researches iOS is leading in the enterprise. Apple was trying to catch the attention of enterprises buyers from many years. It developed iOS with the help of deep case studies and technologies as per the expectations of the mobile and application developers.

The fame and popularity of iPad is one of the main reasons behind the preference of iOS. Now-a-days, Android is fighting with the risk of malware and fragmentation in such situation mobile developer highly favored iOS. Malware and fragmentation enhances the complexity and prices of mobile application developer. To ease their burden and makes the task easy they are preferring iOS. Mobile developers calm that iOS can generate high revenue for them in compression to Android.

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iOS is broadly appreciated by both business focused developers and user focused developers. According to the reports of survey business mobile and application developer are consistently using iOS to develop high quality and advanced applications for users. Although the prices of Android are affordable but it is lacking some rich features which are available in iOS. Most of the mobile developed believe that to use multiple operating systems in applications is the prime challenge for them. iOS can make their task easy and convenient.

To change a language of a web page or other files is one of the essential functions of an application. It should be quick and smooth so that you can get fast results. Android gives slow response in comparison to iOS.  Voice translation is also an important feature of applications. iOS is also leading over Android in this function.  Android app takes more time to click compared to iOS.  Facebook is one the highly preferred social networking application. Most of the users favored iOS FB application because of its user friendly interface.

As per a report, in 2012, almost 69 per cent of all new applications are developed by using iOS. Only rest 30 percent of applications use Google’s Android platform. You can find around 615,000 apps in Apple‘s App Store and almost 450,000 in Google Play.

Thus, iOS mobile operating system has lots of rich and advanced features which make it superior than Android.