Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Microsoft’s BOD Supports Steve Ballmer, Against The Fund Manager Statement

Two days before as the fund manager claimed that Microsoft’s CEO i.e Steve Ballmer should step down but it’s not a decision of one person, Reuters got some insider news from the respective Board of Directors which is running by 9 members including the Co-Founder and Chairman of Microsoft i.e Bill Gates that no one agrees with David Einhorn because every one has a thinking of a guy replacing Ballmer which is quite hard. We know or we can say why did┬áDavid Einhorn claimed that Ballmer should go, that is due to the surpassing by Apple, Google and IBM too while some one again claimed about Windows 8. ┬áSteven Sinofsk, the Windows Chief says

The software giant is preparing for its next phase of Windows.