Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Microsoft’s AppStore To Be Named Windows Store in Windows 8

As we are reporting you every thing about Windows 8, we also told you that there will be a store in Windows 8 from which you will be able to download themes, application etc. and also a new feature i.e Cloud Interface this will be an online server from which you will be able to control other machines also. It was finalized before when this picture was revealed

This means that it asks you, your Online ID and it is also¬†designed¬†in OOBE interface. MS Win were the one’s who revealed the name, as we said that you can enable OOBE via Windows Registry after enabling this dude got

This was seen in System 32 folder located in Program File. The store service is disabled in M3 too…

After a lot of talk, the name of the store is… Windows Store, below is the logo