Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Microsoft Wants You To Jailbreak Your Device With ChevronWP7

Remember the Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak and his team “ChevronWP7”? Well if not, ChevronWP7 is the team who firstly developed the jailbreak and unlock tool for the Microsoft’s Windows Phone and gain lot of heat among the users even, Microsoft has contact them to work with them and improve the Windows Phone 7. So now according to their new official statement which was announced today, on which they are claiming that they become the first jailbreak firm and homebrew services for the Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform and the amazing part of the announcement is with the approval of Microsoft.

They announced that they will soon online the page on which they will request small fee from those users who want to jailbreak their Windows Phone device and want make more out of it, the fee payment method is users have to pay the fee of the services via PayPal.


The interesting part of the announcement is, they got again the approval of jailbreaking Windows Phone platform from Microsoft, which thinks they can beat other companies such like Apple and Sony by offering this type of services.