Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Microsoft Releases Xbox Live App For iPhone & iPad

Microsoft has seemed to be on the stage for all the day to release new updates and features for their products, recently in the 48 hours. They have launched the couple of updates and new applications for their services. Microsoft has recently updated their Xbox 360 dashboard with new layout, and now reportedly launched a well-polished app for iPhone and iPad in the App Store featuring their Xbox Live on iOS devices.  Microsoft has introduced Xbox Live application for Windows Phone 7 this week, which features the ability to control Xbox 360 from the device. However, this Xbox live application for iOS devices does not carry such features, seems Microsoft made it exclusive to Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft launches “My Xbox Live” application for iPhone & iPad, allows you to communicate with your buddies over the social network and let you send and receive the messages from the friends, manage your friends list and accept invitations, edit your Xbox LIVE profile, change and customize your avatar with new clothing and items, and view the achievements you’ve been awarded through the metro-like interface.

Microsoft has already start updating its service with its newly introduced Metro UI. the Xbox LIVE app can be downloaded for free on the iTunes App Store.