Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Microsoft Pushed New MSN App For iPad In U.S App Store

Microsoft is pretty active these days with its developers on the topic to rule iTunes App Store with its fewer new applications for both iPhone and iPad users. In the last few months Microsoft has launched the number of applications, including the Xbox Live companion app for the iOS users. Microsoft has recently pushed a new version of its MSN app to the App Store for the iPad users to bring some MSN power for U.S customers, following the launch of the application in Canada, Germany, France and the U.K launch last month.

MSN app for the iPad is currently available in the App Store for free of cost, and you can download it to access the MSN U.S articles directly through your device dashboard. The new MSN app is carrying the same UI interface as the popular Pulse newsreader for iPad carries. Microsoft has simply copied the whole user interface of Pulse app, and powered its MSN app for iPad including with its new Metro UI elements. MSN for iPad also supports the Bing search engine built-in.

MSN app for iPad provides you an efficient way to take around the MSN published content, and to get updated yourself with all the news, sports entertainment, autos and other random articles and videos. Moreover, the application also allows you to share your favorite liked comment on MSN U.S with your friends and buddies around the other social network’s sites like Facebook & Twitter.

Including these functionalities, MSN for iPad also carries a quick access links for the users to access your Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger accounts on the iPad. MSN for iPad also supports for both landscape and portrait orientations.