Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Microsoft Office For iPad Coming Anytime Soon In App Store

Microsoft has released few of its services apps for the iPhone and iPad, but they have kept the most demanded suit out of from the range of iOS devices, means the Microsoft infamous Office for iOS. According to the latest report from The Daily, Microsoft has been gearing up to launch a Microsoft Office suite on iOS for iPad and iPhone, and reportedly. They have already done up with the iPad version of their app and giving a little tweaks shot to their application before the actual launch.

Microsoft Office For iPad
According to the deeper news, it is reported that Microsoft has planned to cuts of the Apple’s iWork customer base with the launch of Office for iOS with their Office 365’s cloud based integration on all the devices, which makes the iPad version of documents compatible with desktop version of Office.  It seems that Microsoft has as well planned a similar price stroke for their upcoming app for the iPad in the App Store.

Microsoft Office for iPad is expected to be available in the App Store soon with the price tag, similar to the Apple’s iWork and iCloud integration for the documents all over the devices. The Daily has pointed the Office For iPad will  launch soon, in short it’s a matter of few weeks, publication also says that Microsoft will release a new version of Office for Mac in the mid-end of 2012.