Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Microsoft Observing Xbox Live Gaming For Android & iOS

Microsoft is planning to expand their Xbox Live gaming experience from Console to Mobile Devices. The report comes from a new job listing posted at the company. The company wants to go beyond their Windows Mobile Phone to other Devices such as iOS and potentially android. The posting was spotted by LiveSide, which states that the company is looking for software development engineers to define, design and implement Xbox Live mobile experiences on Windows Phone, iOS and other platforms such as Android. The main aim is to provide users with the location-based gaming, social networking-enabled tittles and more.


“Xbox LIVE Mobile team is looking for a passionate and experienced developer to join us brining [sic] Xbox LIVE entertainment experiences to various mobile platforms. As the team inside IEB (Interactive Entertainment Business) dedicated to mobile experiences, we work closely with console software team and Xbox LIVE services team to bring the latest and greatest gaming and entertainment experience to mobile platforms including Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile platforms. Combining Xbox LIVE experiences together with mobile devices has enabled many new opportunities and interesting user scenarios such as location based gaming and social networking, avatar with presence, etc. As a software development engineer on the team, you will have the opportunity to help define and design the experiences for the project, you will get to work with a team of energetic and talented developers, and you will have the luxury to work with all sorts of mobile devices to create the official Xbox LIVE mobile experiences.” Microsoft job description.

Microsoft was seen pretty active in the App Store in previous months. They released the first game of Xbox called Kinectnimals. They also released Sky Drive for iOS and Live App for iOS in previous months.

This is a smart move made by Microsoft after realizing that their OS is not that much attractive for gaming platform.  So they decided to move onto the rival platforms and enhance the gamin experience for all the users of iOS who are using Xbox and other than iOS.

This is also great news for all those who are using iOS and have Xbox as a console. Those of whom you would have played Kinectimals on their iOS Device would know better the game experience as compared to on their Xbox.

Now the wait is of this smart move to come in action. The Microsoft Office is also said to be coming on iOS some time soon.

When do you think that this would be applied?