Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Microsoft Hired a 14 Year Old Hacker, After He PWNED The Call of Duty Server

Today a 14 Year Old Hacker was caught doing Phishing on Call of Duty Server by Microsoft.Yes! Microsoft. The amazing is that the 14 Year old kid was not sued by Microsoft like Sony did to GeoHot, instead they hired him to work with them.

Meet the 14 Year Old Irish Hacker.

According to thehackernews:

Microsoft is reported to be working with the 14-year-old Irish hacker who managed to stir up a little trouble with his Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 phishing scam alert. According to the managing director of Microsoft of Ireland, the company is helping the hacker “develop his talent for legitimate purposes.”

Sony should learn some lesson from Microsoft because this not the first time they hired any Hacker but this is the second time they hired a Hacker. The first time Microsoft hired a Hacker was the person who hacked into Windows Phone 7. And Microsoft paid him a personal visit and offered him for the job.