Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Microsoft Dismisses The Imminent Launch Report Of Office For iPad

Earlier today we have reported you on the exclusive words of The Daily, as the publication claimed to be have spent some decent amount of minutes with someone at Microsoft who is working on the upcoming Microsoft’s native Office app for iPad. Moreover, the publication claimed that the Microsoft Office for iPad is ready and soon will debut in App Store, as the developer team soon going to submit in the App Store for approval. We all know that it will be a very big move from Microsoft of launching its ruling word processor program for the iOS platform.

Microsoft Office For iPad
After couple of hours, the new hit many big online publications this morning, and pinch to all those users who have been eagerly waiting to get hands on the latest product from Microsoft on their famous tablets. It is now reported that Microsoft has just issued a statement on the morning rumored story of Office for iPad imminent launch. The New York Times reports that Microsoft spokeswoman said in a statement that earlier morning report is based on clueless rumors, and inaccurate information.

In short, Microsoft wants to dismiss all the on-going rumors suggesting the imminent release of the Office for iPad, and as well as it clearly states that Microsoft has not submitted any type of Office for iPad application in the App Store for the approval. Well, we believe that Microsoft is just trying to put a mute on the rumors and doesn’t want to create a noise in the market on the release of such big product in the market for iOS devices.