Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Microsoft Bribing To Use Windows Phone Over iPhones

In the mobile tech market, everyone knows what goings on there and how customers liking the new gadgets with almost repeating features in different shapes. At the current moment, there are only two smartphone OSs that are doing well in the market, one is known for its fresh ideas, and the second is up in the market with revised ideas in a huge number of devices, obviously talking about the iOS and Android.

Honestly, the main reason why these two have capitated the majority of the market is that they offer both easy user accessibility and high-end mobile phone security, which can provide major cyber attacks (click here to learn more about mobile security). However, besides these two OS, there is plenty of other operating systems, which are available. For instance, a new OS called Windows Phone 7 by Microsoft is available in the market, which is also said to be a good OS for smartphones but not getting any attention from users in the market.

However, the current market at the large scale only relies upon the iOS and Android. The other OSs are not getting heat from the users are their inventors are trying their best to advertise or bribe the staff to suggest these devices over the iPhones and Android Phones. In the case of Windows Phone 7, the OS is pretty cool and carries a cool tile based layout, which attracts the user to use it, as well as in the recent few weeks, we have seen the good response for the Windows Phone 7 in the market. While things going in the favor of Windows Phone 7 slowly, it appears that Microsoft has planned to spend a big money in bribing the staff of mobile retailers to suggest Windows Phone 7 over the iPhones and Android.

Microsoft has chosen the really awkward method to market their phones over the superior phones in the market, and already throwing a big money through paid checks to staff who suggests the Windows Phone 7 over iPhones and Androids. As reported by the Paul Thurrot, Microsoft has planned to spend a $200MM cash to bribe the retailer staff to promote the Windows Phone 7 devices among iPhones and Androids. He also claimed, Microsoft is already ready to pay store staff between $10 to $15 referral bonus for every successful sale of Windows Phone 7 devices. Yukk!!

Personally, I have used the Windows Phone device and loves the UI of the OS, as it comes with fresh ideas to the mobile industry, and also understands that Windows Phone 7 platform is not getting a lot attention by users. Well, Microsoft is just trying to promote its WP7 with another method, without spending big money in digital advertising of the devices.

[via Electronista]