Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Microsoft Announces Plan Updates To Microsoft Office 2011 For Lion

Today Microsoft comes up with several updates on their official blog about their Office suite compatibility with Apple’s latest released Mac OS X Lion, as we all know currently Microsoft Office does not support numbers of Mac OS X Lion and even also crashes multiple times in the OS. While starting with known issues they inform users that Microsoft Office 2004 will never/ever work on latest released Mac OS X Lion, because its highly designed for PowerPCs, but on other hand they also announced that the current version of MS Office is currently in the process of fixing bugs and issues by updating it to work with OS X Lion. Those Business users who relies on the Communicator is luckier than others, because they released a small update to software which fixes the crashing issue on OS X Lion, and lately they will roll out complete software update to suite to fix all sorts of issues.

While reporting about the all known issues of Office suite with Mac OS X Lion, we figure out the biggest issue here that is Microsoft Outlook currently cannot import your old emails from Mail servers, along with the some window sizing issues. With these blog updates, Microsoft Office team tried to assure their users that they are really working hard to bring all main features of OS X Lion to their suite, such as Auto Save versioning, and full-screen mode. We must have to keep in mind for next one or may be two months we have to work without complete compatibility of Office 2011 on Mac.