Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Micro USB Adapter For iPhone Revealed All Over Europe

An awful launch without being rumored…. The UK online Apple Store got this down at morning to use third party USB cables as when you are out of home and you need to charge you have the Micro USB adapter just get a third party mini USB and get yout iPhone charge. It’s not out in USA because they don’t want one. UK folk’s demanded a micro USB adapter as every company ship the micro USB adapter too.

The Apple iPhone Micro USB Adapter allows you to use third-party micro USB cables and chargers to sync or charge your iPhone. Simply connect your iPhone to the Micro USB Adapter, then connect a micro USB cable or charger to the Micro USB Adapter

Well one thing uttered…. Isn’t it for all the iDevices ?

You can get one from here. It costs £8 and will be shipped from October 14.