Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Michigan Professor Tries To Re-Invent Study With iPad App

Apple has recently kicked off its new event invitation to the public persons which reflects the start of the new education system of Apple with iOS device or Macs, still not cleared. However, that doesn’t mean that Apple is alone in this race to provide better educational space to the students in the world.

The Professor of University of Michigan, Perry Samson, has just introduced its new education flavored tools in the app for iPad, which helps the institution to get involved the students in the studies, and helps the institution to deliver such interesting lectures to their students to bind them with studies.


The professor has just launched an app in the App Store with the name of LectureTools for iPads, with aims to convert iPads and laptops from distracting objects to interactive objects from students to get their lectures on their devices, and bind them to learn different things in newer ways.
The app is debuted in the App Store with aim to change the learning experience for the board students from latest tech gadgets. The new LectureTool app for iPads also allows institutes to get a track on the students who attends the lecture right from the desk, and as well as points out those students who have been facing problems while facing Lectures from the apps, in short the app trying to start a new era of education with gadgets instead of Chalkboards and books. Samson as well said in the press release that his application is already had been using by its own University of Michigan in more than 20 classes, and currently tracking the student activities as well as, and the interaction level with the gadgets, but now it is also planned to be used in Ohio State and Michigan State.