Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

Michael Dell Plans To Start Dells Sales Support Service Via Google+ Hangout

Folk’s as you know that already in the beta stages Google+ had more than 1 Million users and one of them should be and is the founder of Dell, Michael Dell. We personally, the FreakGeeks team has enjoyed the Google+ Hangout as it was in beta stages and there were some hang ups and some minor connection problem but overall it was a magneficant experience.

So as we have enjoyed it, Mr. Dell did it to and came out to a status posting on his Google+ profile saying

I am thinking about hangouts for business. Would you like to be able to connect with your Dell service and sale teams via video directly from Dell.com?

After this status he got 786 +1’s, more than 600 comments and 195 shares. It means that all of his staff members plus the Dell team would love to start a Google+ hangout sale service in future.