Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Merge iBooks & Newsstand Content With “Bookstand”

Apple introduced Newsstand a while ago with the launch of next-generation iOS 5 to the iOS device users; the Newsstand is appeared to be a place where you get yourself updated with your subscribed publishers. In the beginning of the Newsstand, many publishers actively joined it and start serving their exclusive magazine content to the Newsstand users and instantly start making money from it. Apple has designed its Newsstand similar to the iBooks design (shelf-designed), and it looks pretty cool, and comes with a standalone application in the iOS.

Many people like the design and started living the design, but there are few people who don’t like to have coupled of icons on their dashboard and looking to do something to the Newsstand and iBooks. Here comes the Bookstand, a jailbreak tweak landed in Cydia last night, which aims to provide you an ability to merge both iBooks and Newsstand into a single application and provides you all the content of iBooks and Newsstand in a single application. The tweak is pretty simple and doesn’t do special in your device applications. It simply adds the few shortcuts of your iBooks content into Newsstand application and allows you to access the content directly from the Newsstand, instead of switching application to iBooks.

Bookstand only places soft link shortcuts to the Newsstand, which means you can still access the content directly from the iBooks application on your iPhone, iPad. Bookstand appears to be a great utility for those who want to get rid from the process of switching from iBooks application to Newstand application while reading their content. Bookstand is available in Cydia’s biggest BigBoss repo to jailbreak users for $0.99.