Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Meet iPhone 5 With Laser Keyboard and Holographic Display (VIDEO)

We have shared couple of concepts, leak designs, prototypes, rendered images of the Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, which is due to release in this fall. Everything we shared here on different occasion comes up with new feature and design, but did you ever think that your iPhone 5 to support a laser keyboard with holographic display, no? No problem, we have a new concept video designed with latest technology, which shows that your iPhone 5 can support all of the above mentioned thing, we have seen an interesting video by the Aatma Studio, a San Francisco-based 3D animation and digital studio.

They envision future iPhones and iPads using a combination of a built-in pico projector and IR sensors to project a light-based keyboard on a flat surface. Just type on that projected keyboard as you would on any other and the iPhone will register your keystrokes.


So what you think about it?

[via 9to5Mac]