Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Marvel To Bring 80 New Comics On iBookStore

It said to be a big news for the Marvel’s graphic novel lovers, as the Marvel has announced that it going to be release its most famous graphics novels through the Apple’s largest iBookStore. Marvel the comic book-creator has announced today in a statement to its reader that the company is about to launch 80 different its graphic novels to the iOS famous iBookStore, in directly wants to promote it stuff with the iOS device lovers. IbookStore is already famous for its popularity in the newer iOS version, and the newer Newsstand that boosts the digital content delivery using the Apple’s new platform.


However, it doesn’t mean that Marvel is about to push its graphic novels from its published standalone application for the iOS device, but for surely the move of launching its novels in the iBookStore is a big step for the comic creator who clearly knows about the popularity and success of the Apple’s iBookStore. Marvel is announced to include all of its famous titles on the iBookStore including the Spiderman, Avengers, and X-Men, and much more….

Last month, In an media event Apple had announced that iBooks downloads for the iOS devices is appeared to be hit on 200 millions mark, and it clearly sounds the biggest achievement of the iBookStore. Moreover, the newer iOS 5 also prompts you automatically on the installation of the OS on your device to install the iBooks on your device.

It appears to be a really smart move by Marvel to enjoy the premium earning of their content through the Apple’s largest database of users. Many other publications are also climbing into iOS platform with same kind of offers, and already making a large money from the platform.