Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

“Mark The Spot” App By AT&T Now Let You To Report About Spam SMS

If you are a user of US telecommunication giant AT&T, than you must have in knowledge about the app of Mark The Spot by AT&T which allows customers to provide feedback about the network performance and user experience, has just received a little update, which brings the option of report “spammy” messages to network and allow customers to report about the “Spammy” SMS messages for investigation.

As usual, there are no words from AT&T about the new functionality of its App, and how it works and AT&T what will do with the forwarded SMS message. RazorianFly folks have some words about the app functionality, heads to their words:

We presume AT&T will save and track the phone numbers submitted that sent spam text messages and then move to block messages from these numbers once the spamming has been verified