Wed. May 25th, 2022

Make Any Thing On Your iPad Using Codify (App)

Now not everyone can be a developer and can purchase the Apple’s developer account for $99 in order to Download Xcode and to make Apps and submit them on the Developer Portal. And to use Xcode is not easy. Some coding skills are required for you to use Xcode and compile the App and test it on your iDevice. The procedure is very long, and not everyone can afford a MAC or Apple’s Developers Account.

However, people can get an iPad some how. So those people who got an iPad must be thankful to Two Lives Left, The developers behind the App Codify, which lets you make anything on your iPad and run it. Codify is a platform that game designers, educators and students can use to create games and experiment with visual ideas. Codify is an iPad app that allows users to create and play interactive games and simulations directly on their device without any hard skills required.

Codify is made on Lua programming language. Users can simply adjust numbers by dragging them, adjust colors by touching them and can add many feature like Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Multi-Touch and much more.

Codify is designed for simple Development and for the end users who are willing to test their skills with the App. To use the App is really fun and user friendly. First see the official demo below:


After After seeing the wonderful demo you must be moe clear now regarding the app and its functions. Codify is pretty good for programmers, beginners and for those, who want to learn coding. This App provides you everything on your finger tips. All you have to do is touch, and you are done.

Codify, comes with many great samples, which can be viewed, edited, and ran at the same time. The App also includes a Getting Started Document which helps an end user to know about the App in a useful way. Codify is really an awesome app for coding. We can learn many things from this App and make them for real. We can make our small dreams come true.

Obviously, this App cannot replace Xcode, but still we can do something small and learn something from this app to proceed further on to use Xcode.

The App is only available in New Zealand, Australian and Japanese App Stores. So if you are one of the users from the above places, you can proceed on with the download of this App. Obviously the App is not for free because everything precious has a cost.

Codify is available for US$7.99 / AU$8.49. You can download the app from the iTunes link below.

Download Codify (iTunes Link)


The App was released early in the above stores and is ahead of launch in other Stores also. It should be available shortly in other stores. The only difference is of Time Zone, as told by the Developer.

Another great news is that when the App is available in he other stores, we will be doing a small give away of this app. So stay tuned with us.